How do I choose the right bowl size for my pet?

Although every pet is absolutely unique - each and every one of our products has a size reference chart in the product page. For a quick reference on our Misu Bowls:

1. Small (12cm): Perfect size for cats or small dog breeds that weigh up to 8kg.

2. Medium (15cm): Fit for any dog that weighs anywhere from 8kg to 15kg.

3. Large (20cm): Ideal size for dogs to weigh from 15kg to 50kg.

For extra large dogs, please contact us and we can make custom sizes!

If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will gladly help :)


What are the bowls made of?

Our bowls are made of double sturdy natural ceramic that are 100% safe for any animal (and human!). They are also fully recyclable! 


Do you deliver?

We currently have a flat delivery rate of 35 NIS in Israel.

However, we also offer free pick-up in Tel Aviv!